A New Series from EMST 5270

"Below Baldwin" -- On November 17, 2015, construction on Baldwin Hall on the University of Georgia campus came to a halt when workers discovered human remains on the site. DNA tests revealed what many local historians already knew to be true: these were the remains of former slaves. This discovery and the events that followed have forced the often-forgotten histories of slavery and segregation to rise to the surface, both at the University of Georgia and in Athens. As more and more universities around the United States begin opening dialogues about their historical involvement in slavery, “Below Baldwin” chronicles the series of events that sparked this conversation at UGA. Featuring Fred Smith, Linda Davis, Claudio Saunt, and Broderick Flanigan, this episode showcases a community’s need to connect to its past and attempts to help open the door for additional research, community collaboration, and repair – for both past and present injustices.
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